Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Maps (Harlem River Drwy)

Harlem River Drwy. (Harlem River Drwy @ 155th)
Description: From the 155th, Edgecombe Ave. and Harlem River Drwy intersection, head down towards FDR/Harlem River Dr. Multiple sites.
1st; next to the sidewalk, clean.
2nd; Stairway Cliffs, under and next to the disused stairway, grassy/dirt landing, with mid-level glass. Dirty walls (bring a brush) and needs a bit of weeding, but fun.
Flare Stair(5.6?): Follow the flared crack up.
The Other One(5.7?): Follow the other cracks up
Detritus (5.7?): The slab under the stairs, next to the cracks.
3rd; Dripping Wet Arete area. The high and obvious slightly overhanging face and arete, next to sidewalk.
Dripping wet arete (5.9/10?): I can't wait to climb this awesome looking line. Water dripping on the arete and face, but hopefully this will dry up in the summer.
Overhanging face has a route too, hard, top half really hard? and there is an easy line up the crack in the corner to the left of the face.
4th; Bit further down. Clean and right on sidewalk.

Beaware of the traffic at these locations. The cars are coming off a highway and drive like it! Falling stoopid may land you in on coming traffic.
On the opposite side of the road there is a fenced off area, long and low boulder with huge pile o' trash at the bottom. Worth it?

Better map coming soon.

Little Park? Boulder (Edgecombe Ave. and 157th)
Small, not very interesting boulder with 3 easy routes. Highly painted and slippery. low-mid glass. landing sidewalk-ish?

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