Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Maps (J Hood and Loony Bin)

J. Hood Wright Park (North West corner @ Haven Ave.)
Description: On Haven Ave. north of 173rd St. is a small 20 yard section of cliff (partly overhanging), 15 feet high. In the past have cleared all the vegetation off the rock and it is clean underneath. Glass is mid to high. Unfortunately there is a fence about 1/2 to 1 yard from the face, Pad and spotters are important for not impaling yourself (although falling on a fence can give you an awesome scar).

Loony bin South* (Riverside Dr @ 165th)
Description: A 10 foot boulder, 8 yards long facing 165th at the junction wtih Riverside Dr. Huge stepped overhang. Sandy/dirty landing with mid to low glass count. Clean.

Loony bin North* (Riverside Dr ~250m north of 165th)
Description: Walk north on Riverside Dr. from 165th, under the "skywalk", and across the intersection. The grassy area to the left contains this 20 yard - 20 footer, with mid-level glass. Clean, with a little dirt here and there may require a little weeding. Nice, different styles, cracks, slab and high up overhang.
Ride the wave (5.8?) - shite I forgot how/where it starts, ends by traversing up and right across the 3 or 4 bulging slab features.
Obvious Arete - the name says it all.
PiLlAbOx - into and then outta the large gap by mantling alone.

[* Sorry but I had to name just one location something more than the street or park name]

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Stephen said...

it sure can give you an awesome scar....along with some mighty ER bills, too. ;)