Sunday, May 6, 2007

Here goes nuthin'

O.K. So what is this blog all about. Well, I'm a little bored by the bouldering in CP and wanted to find new and interesting routes. Something a little closer than the 20 minute A train ride to 59th to get on some outside rock. And don't get me wrong I like cat and rat rock but I want more. And I know there is always fort tryon park, CPW cliffs and worthless boulder but I want more climbs, more lines and something I get to discover and figure out, like a little kid in a candy store for the very first time.

If you want to know more about CP bouldering, see the "Lester LeBlanc" - A Climber’s Guide to Popular Manhattan Boulder Problems

My aim is a simple one, to catalog the bouldering in and around my 'hood, washington heights, with maps, directions, pictures and route descriptions. With the vane hope that I can get NYC climbers informed and climbing on some F#$%ing stella rock.

Now, there are 3 issues that arise, firstly access, I have no idea about access to any of the rocks I will be posting about. I am contacting city climbers club since they negotiated "climbing access issues in Central Park" back in the day. Secondly, I know people have climbed up here before but I have no clue to the history of these rocks. So I will be happy to update names, history, routes (new and old alike) if you tell me. I would like to remind you that these cliffs/rocks/boulders have not seen regular traffic and some holds may not be weight bearing, so be careful.

A word on Ethics.....
1) If someone (in uniform) ask you to stop climbing somewhere in the city, do so. Contact the CCC about the access issue afterwards, do not argue.
2) Do not climb on any bridges, walls, tunnels etc. It has the potential to cause problems with access and people don't like the little white smudges everywhere.
3) This is a little less serious than the last 2 but I wanted to put it out there. Some sites have man made blast holes, I generally only use the natural features, unless noted in the route description. On the flipside a blast hole only route can be extremely challenging and fun.

And last but not least, a disclaimer;

"I (and this blog) do not presuppose or grant permission to any persons to climb in New York City or any of the areas described within. This blog is only a reference to climbs that have been established recently. The author, in writing this blog, does not assume any liability for injuries, penalties or fines incurred by any persons attempting to climb at any area described or not described by this guide or anywhere else in New York City.


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