Saturday, June 23, 2007

An note on Harlem River Drwy

On thursday a week or so ago, SM and I started at 155th and moved down the hill trying out each of the faces along harlem river drwy. Although the routes look great, and certainly have potential, the rock is sometimes flakey and handholds tend to pop off making for some exciting bouldering. We tried most of boulders from 155th to the wet arete area. The long and the short of it is other than the great arete problem I'm am not inclined to hit this area up again as it is not as great as I originally thought. I would like to check out the dilapidated stair area since we didn't stop there to the
way down.
We also ventured past the wet arete to harlem river dr. The sidewalk dead ends into a wood land in which there are some more boulders. This includes the cave boulder, for which all I can say is urgh. Someone has used it as a firepit and the whole thing is charcoaled. There are several other big boulders back here but the traffic noise and the whole we're going to "step on a deadbody" is true and a little freaky. We moved up the slope trying a few boulder en route and end up level with about 164th and just north of the edgecombe backside boulder. This area is still sketchy even with 2 of us, we definitely saw a crackhead wandering into the woods.
We finished off the afternoon with a few climbs on edgecombe north.
2 dollar crack (5.5?): sds in 6th? section(concrete) at low end of prominent diagonal crack behind 2nd bench, follow leftwards, over the fence, to top out just past 1st b/h.
5 dollar crack (5.4?) follow the other diagonal prominent crack
up the nose (5.5?): In the 5th section move up and onto the nose from the right or left(variations).

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