Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ft. tryon pics and beta

Went to Ft. Tryon this morning with EM. Started by playing on the pathway boulders, see earlier. Because this is one of the main ways to the cloisters it gets a lot of foot traffic and "ohh are you climbing that?!" comments. But on the upside it means the glass/litter and dog shite counts are super low.....must keep it kleen and shiny for those tourists :-D We were interrupted twice the 1st was by two park warden guys in a pickup, but really they "would prefer if we didn't climb" but we explained the ccc and the parks deal. The next was by a volunteer, in her brown parks'n'recs cap, she asked us not to b/c it would encourage children to copy us, not like the brats don't run a mock all over the anyway! On reflection I think you can buy those brown caps at the cloister shop so she might just have been cranky and we happened to get in her way.
Below are north and south shots of the long boulder, with a traverse, great crack and a fair few other lines.

Then just around the corner is a cluster of boulders, on the right is a small overhanging boulder with a couple of variations on a traverse (+/- the small face on the left) to top out. The big block next to this has a great line on the face and up the prow, both doable but v2/3+. There are a number of other boulders on the path leading back up to the road, I didn't look at these as yet.
Since we were annoyed with the crankycrazyness we packed off out of sight, following the path under the bridge to the dotted south area, and a little way past the bridge on the left is this boulder. It is mainly over hanging and there are multiple hard lines, some chalked up. ha! There are others it is not just me up here. This boulder is on a bit of a slope with a fairly low glass count, and an earthy soft dirt landing, conclusion it looks wicked fun and is worth a second trip for the V2++ climbing.

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